Programming Contest Held
April 7, 2019
Best Student Award (Spring Semester-2017)
April 7, 2019

Adding to the sporty sprit and facilitate health awareness, BAC launched its Gymnasium on 7 May, 2017. The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Dipu Rai Choudhury, Senior Coach NCA, BCB & Head of Operations, School of Sports, BAC International Study Centre. Mr. Choudhury said: ‘‘We extend special attention to sporting talents and will be facilitating sportsmen and women with utmost dedication. With the new gymnasium, the entire BAC family including students are expected to benefits” Mr. Nazrul Islam Rumee, Faculty & Head, Academic Administration, School of Sports, Mr. Ehsanul Hoque(Seezan), Faculty & Consultant, Strategic Development, School, of Sports, Mr. Meer Iftikhairul Islam, Fitness Trainer, BCB and  Faculty & Consultant, School of Sports and Mr. H.M. Shahriar Azam, Coordinator, School of Sports  were present in the inauguration programme. The gymnasium is monitored and instructed by Mr. Dipu Rai Choudhury and Mr. Meer Iftikhairul Islam respectively.

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