This broadly O’ Level equivalent 60-Point (600 National Learning Hour-NLH) BTEC Level 2 First Diploma of Edexcel Pearson in Sports covers the key knowledge and practical skills required in the area of business. The BTEC Level 2 First Diploma offers greater flexibility in assessment and choosing units.

The two years diploma course provides opportunity to students to progress in to A’ Level. FD Business graduates can join in the A’ Level equivalent ND (National Diploma) of Pearson Edexcel, UK programmes of BAC International under Edexcel Pearson and after successful completion of the FD they can progress on to the HND programme.

Why you choose this programme:

  • Worldwide recognised qualifications.
  • Less costly compared to other UK degrees.
  • A flexible route to obtain British O’ Level equivalent qualification.
  • Skill-based curriculum.
  • Course work based assessment.
  • Fully equipped online library and resources support.
  • Distinguished full-time faculty

Objectives of Sports Degrees

To create an educated sports generation with necessary skills for better performance in national and international levels and can contribute as Sports Management Professional eventually.

  • To deliver range of techniques, personal skills and attributes related to sports.
  • To provide in-depth understanding of necessary sports concepts, models and strategies
  • To offer variety of key aspects related to business and governance of sports in all levels
  • Help gaining profound knowledge in sports management
  • Help to achieve good managerial skill in sports
  • Facilitate to earn core skills like effective communication, planning and leadership in sports
  • To help building career in coaching and sports management
  • To help paving the way of leading a dignified life in the society

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