About the programme:

Edexcel Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND (BTEC Higher National Diploma) in Sports is designed to provide specialist vocational skills, linked to professional body requirements and with a strong work related emphasis. The qualifications provide a thorough grounding in the key concepts and practical skills required in their specialist sector and their wide recognition by employers allows progression directly into employment. Pearson Edexcel BTEC Higher National gives a strong emphasis on practical skills development alongside the development of requisite knowledge and understanding in the business sector. The course prepares students for business careers in the public, private and voluntary sectors. BTEC HND is well established UK qualifications with a proven track record of success This UK Sports degree offers credit transfer facility to UK universities.

Why you choose this programme:

  • Higher employment rate
  • World recognized Higher Education qualifications.
  • Less costly compared to other UK degree.
  • A flexible route to obtain British business degree.
  • Vocation and Skill based curriculum.
  • Course work based assessment.
  • Fully equipped online library and resources support.
  • Distinguished faculty (full time)

Students should be able to:

  • apply legally relevant knowledge of academic, doctrinal and factual contexts, and learning outcomes of each unit;
  • distinguish between relevant and irrelevant facts, and then apply the law or relevant abstract concepts so as to produce satisfactory answers to fact-based problems posed;
  • identify and justify potential alternative solutions, create his/her own rationally supported conclusions for a particular solution (as appropriate to the task and level);
  • Demonstrate the ability to use appropriately and develop progressively the preceding skills over a range of subject areas in relation to both academic and practical problems.
  • identify issues requiring research, to formulate objectives and, where appropriate, formulate a credible methodology for research;
  • find up-to-date and archived information both by traditional and electronic means;
  • analyse and apply academic and legal primary and secondary sources, assessing their relative value;

  • To create an educated sports generation with necessary skills for better performance in national and international levels and can contribute as Sports Management Professional eventually.
  • To deliver range of techniques, personal skills and attributes related to sports.
  • To provide in-depth understanding of necessary sports concepts, models and strategies
  • To offer variety of key aspects related to business and governance of sports in all levels
  • Help gaining profound knowledge in sports management
  • Help to achieve good managerial skill in sports
  • Facilitate to earn core skills like effective communication, planning and leadership in sports
  • To help building career in coaching and sports management
  • To help paving the way of leading a dignified life in the society
  • Law Relating to Contract;
  • Criminal Law and Property Offences;
  • Criminal Law and Offences against Person;
  • English Legal System;
  • Property and Land Law;
  • Principles of Equity and Trusts;
  • Constitutional Law;
  • European Law;
  • Employment Law;
  • Law of Trusts;
  • Law Relating to Torts;
  • Aspects of Constitutional and Administrative Law;
  • European Business;
  • Business Law;
  • Company law;
  • Research Project.
  • Play and Study Together
  • Open for all
  • Flexible study time
  • Flexible assessment methods suitable for the players
  • Flexible time arrangement for professional players
  • Internationally recognized sports degree from the UK
  • Admission and scholarship in foreign universities
  • Employment opportunity in the sports industry
  • Communication skill enhancement in IT and English
  • Unit certification after the completion of each unit

Programme fact file

Course Type: Higher National Diploma
Duration: 2 years full-time
Start date: 4 intakes - January, April, July and October
Study Type: Full time
Mode of Study: Face to Face, International
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Call: +880 1747816003-4
House # 28/B, Road # 5, Dhanmondi,
Dhaka- 1205, Bangladesh

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