About the Programme:

The MBA programme of Leeds Trinity University focuses on developing leadership and professional approaches in managing business. The main components of the programme are case studies, real life projects and assignments and independent consultancy management projects which are closely related to the practical orientation with the corporate world. With research and an application based approach of the programme, this MBA will enhance applied knowledge and skills in a more systematic and rigorous manner. A collaborative endeavor from senior academics and professional practitioners will ensure effective learning experience of the participants in core areas of business management including ethics and corporate social responsibility.The approach to learning and teaching is grounded in the most recent research and scholarship related to core business management and administration specialisms which help in developing strong analytical skills, the ability to address complex business problems and implement appropriate solutions.

Who is it for?

The programme is designed to offer students the opportunity to access the most recent research and scholarship with strong practical application directly related to core business management and administration specialisms. As such, the program is suitable for the following group of students.
  • Recent graduates who require a bridge between their undergraduate studies and the needs of employment.

  • Students who are already in mid-level management or looking at a career change as a means of supporting professional and career development.

  • Students who are experienced managers but want to develop a more theoretical understanding of the wide range of knowledge, skills and abilities, which underpin the modern business environment and obtain a qualification, which would help enhance career development.

  • Why you should choose this programme:

    • Highly practice-oriented program with main focus on employability
    • Competitive fee structure compared to other MBA of the country
    • Skill oriented curriculum.
    • Well reputed academics with international and in particular UK based qualifications.
    • Distinctive learning experience with collaborative endeavor from senior academics and professional practitioners
    • Professional placement opportunities as a part of requirement for management consultancy project.

    Career Prospects:

    With a core focus on employability and leadership, the programme will create a pathway for graduates to enter into professional life. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with employers on two management consultancy projects, which will give you the chance to make employer connections and build a business portfolio. The overall goal of this MBA is transforming careers by developing professional leadership.

    Academic facilities:

    Students will be benefited from International learning environment and guided by experienced faculty members with international qualifications. Students will also benefit from the auspicious library of BAC International Study Centre.

    Students Should Be Able To

    • On the completion of the degree, the students will be benefited from the following-
    • • advanced knowledge of organizations, their management and the changing external context in which they operate
    • • .ability to apply knowledge and understanding of business and management to complex issues, both systematically and creatively, to improve business and management practice
    • • 'a wide array of professional skills that will enhance employability, such as communication/presentation, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, analysis and decision-making
    • • lifelong learning skills that will enable you to work with self-direction and originality to contribute to business and society at large

    Extra-curricular activities:

      As an application and practice oriented program, there will be frequent seminars, workshops from professionals. Continuous case studies, problem-solving and simulation will enhance hands on skill development of the students.

    Teaching and learning in the programme:

    As this MBA degree is applied-based with strong research and practical orientation, the main components of the program will be case studies, real-life problem solving projects, assignments, business reports etc. The learning methods of the entire program (12 weeks per semester) for each module will be lectures, seminars and workshops. For the theoretical/conceptual portion, reputable senior academics will be imparting the lectures and for the practical understanding and application of those concepts, seminars and workshops will be conducted by industry practitioners.


    The main assessment component of each course module is guided independent study (semester final projects/assignments) which will be rigorously evaluated by the internal committee lead by the module leader (course teacher) and then by the external examiners from Leeds Trinity University. For this semester final project/assignment, the students will have to appear before a panel in front of internal committee members. Within the modules, there will be frequent mini case studies, problem solving assignments and simulation exercises which will be continuously evaluated by the module leader. In the final part of the program- there is a specialized independent study (management consultancy project) in the students’ area of interest to be conducted in attachment with a particular organization. Supervisors and co-supervisors (where deemed necessary) will be assigned for the independent study of the management consultancy project (final semester specialized independent study).

    Duration of the program: 1-year full time.
    Total Credit Hours: 180.
    Semesters: 3 semesters in one academic year.
    Intake:Twice in a year-January and September.

    Program Structure:

    The MBA program consists of 5 compulsory course modules (each with standard 20 credit hours) one elective course (20 credit hours) and two modules related to independent studies titled as Management Consultancy Project (1 & 2), where part one has 20 credit hours and part 2 has 40 credit hours. The first part of the management consultancy project will contain the fundamental concepts, theories, tools and methodologies and the second part will be an independent study in any area of concentration like HRM and Management, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Technology Perspective of Management: E-commerce, Online Business and Management aspects etc.


    • Leadership and Professional Development.
    • Strategic Marketing and Planning.
    • Financial Strategy and Business Operations.
    • Operations and Global Supply Chain Management.
    • Corporate and International Strategy.
    • Management and Consultancy Project 1.
    • Management Consultancy Project 2.
      Optional (Any One)
    • Innovation, Change and Enterprise.
    • Human Resources Management.
    • Project Management.

    Entry requirement: Candidates are expected to hold a good honours degree. Applications from candidates with extensive professional experience who demonstrate academic potential will be considered.



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