Practice-based learning :

The culture of practice-based, independent learning and critical thinking in a flexible environment is at the heart of student experience at BAC International. BAC International aspires to become a centre of excellence in cross border higher education with a commitment to deliver the added value of a well-articulated learning experience, with all the resulting opportunities and benefits for students. BAC adoption of Edexcel’s BTEC curriculum is characterized by such an an environment of practice-intensiveness at every stage of progression. It provides the educational provision in which practical learning can flourish, enhance and foster through institutional culture and strategy. The vocational dimension of the ND/HND curriculum is quite successful in BAC International to instil a culture of practiced-based learning across the breadth and depth of the academic community, from staff to student, as well as provide the resources and facilities to support and exploit the relationship between teaching, learning and skill development for the benefit of students. BAC International recognises the importance of the ability to think critically as a highly prized quality in the context of higher education.
BAC International learning approach thus is evolving into a strategy through the process of its academic administration which is perceived to be based on the vision, values and targets for the future. Its strategic learning vision is: ‘to be acknowledged for commitment to student success, institutional innovation and enterprise, its goal and strong local impact’. The strategic focus of BAC International learning and teaching approach is interrelated with its widening participation, practice and enterprise, partnership, employability and human resource development. This approach is, by and large the approach adopted at UoD.

BAC International thus strives to commit to the following core values:

• Inspiring – supporting all to achieve their full potential in an environment of sharing of values and ideas with passion, energy and commitment;
• Creative – creating provision to stimulate innovation, imagination, and discovery and to generate challenges and new ideas;
• Respectful – Committing to deliver the planned support to students with efficiency and effectiveness;
• Professional – Upholding high standards with integrity and responsibility.

BAC International learning and teaching ethos comprised of:

• Putting students at the centre of all activities and providing a flexible and relevant curriculum with excellent teaching and learning forum.
• Providing a welcoming, inclusive, supportive and caring environment and preparing students for employment, progression and life.
• Engaging, valuing and developing diverse community of valued learners and colleagues;
• Ensuring that teaching is well informed and support by the exposition of expert professional practice.
• Promoting student’s vocational and academic success and developing their progression and employability;
• Involving learners and professionals in course outline review and administration;
• Continually enhance students’ learning experience;
• Ensuring all learning and teaching initiatives are evaluated and impact assessed;
• Supporting the professional development in continuity;
• Developing and strengthening institutional approach to information and digital literacy;
• Strengthening integrated working between student learning services across the institution.

It thus strives to develop a policy of student-centered flexible learning environment comprising elements, but not limited to the following:

Outline of Verification Procedures

i. The candidate shall apply, in appropriate format, for the award of HND/HNC certificate to the Administrative Officer (AO), BAC International.
ii. The AO shall create a certificate claim file in the system and forward it to the Head of respective School with a “dues clearance certificate” from BAC accounts department.
iii. The Head of School shall use a pre-printed ‘award review’ form to generate information of units completed by the candidate and details of his/her achievements of outcomes in each individual unit. A three-member school level committee shall assist the Head of respective School for verification of outcomes/grades of completed units. The Committee shall prepare a report for each application and upon being satisfied with the committee report the Head of School shall submit the report to the Head of the QAVC with a recommendation for processing the award ‘claim’.
iv. The QAVC shall be meeting once in every three months and review all applications for the award of Edexcel certificates in conjunction with School reports.
v. The Committee shall verify the assessment report of all Assessors and recommendations of Internal Verifiers in relation to each individual candidate’s achievements and establish the authenticity of quality of assessment at each level. The Committee shall also reconcile the documentation with International Standard Verification reports in order to form a recommendation on the candidate’s application.
vi. The CEO will produce a report for and on behalf of the QAVC with confirmed recommendation for the award of HND/HNC qualifications on the basis of individual candidate’s achievements and authorize the CEO to submit the report to the ISV for verification.
vii. BAC CEO will collect the report from the External Verifier with recommendation for the award of certificate. and
viii. The CEO will arrange for forwarding the report and recommendation to the Edexcel with the approval of the BAC International senior management and claim certificates as approved by ISV.

Academic Standard Committee

BAC International is firmly committed to quality assurance in order to ensure academic standard of highest order in all programmes taught and delivered across the board. An Academic Standard Committee (ASC) is established as part of its BAC’s continued effort to maintain desired level of standard I academic delivery. The ASC shall be comprised of three members, as follows:

• Module Leader/Tutor of the particular Module/Unit for which the ASC is formed.
• School head or his nominated faculty of that particular school for which the ASC is formed.
• Head of any other school or his/her nominated faculty.

The Head of other School shall chair the ASC. Respective Head of School shall establish ASC for each taught module in his/her School.

The ASC is mandated to ensure that the assessment process is being followed accurately across the schools in BAC International in all programmes. The ASC will arrange the defense session for the students after submission of assignment for level 3,4, and 5 on random basis while such session shall be mandatory arranged for UoD level 6 and other level programmes.

If the ASC is not satisfied with the authentication of the assignment/submission then the assignment/submission will not be accepted as a valid submission.

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